Table 2 Proportions of readmission due to overdose in each subgroup in the propensity-matched patients (n=15 876)
No. of patientsReadmission%
Total15 87613048.2
Female11 19610329.2
Age, years
Toxic agent
 Non-opioid analgesics, anti-pyretics and anti-rheumatics748354.7
 Anti-epileptic, sedative-hypnotic and anti-Parkinsonism drugs48923958.1
 Other psychotropic drugs13981218.7
 Other drugs377195.0
 Unspecified drugs84617348.7
Classification of mental disorder
 Mood disorders60765078.3
 Organic mental disorders241104.1
 Mental disorders due to psychoactive substance use531285.3
 Disorders of personality and behaviour4275713.3
 Other mental disorders20021547.7
 Not known43123427.9
Level of consciousness on admission
Charlson comorbidity index
Tracheal intubation1603986.1
Academic hospital65175298.1
Hospital volume groups, per year
 Low (≤38)49353587.3
 Medium (39–84)53394638.7
 High (≥85)56024838.6
Fiscal year of discharge