Table 1 Binary logistic regression model examining factors associated with the completion of the follow-up assessment at 3 months
Estimates.e.Odds ratioP
Survey version<0.001
 Social anxiety (reference)0.001.00
Intervention condition0.003
 No feedback control (reference)0.001.00
 Feedback intervention−
Feedback level0.576
 Low risk (reference)0.001.00
 At risk0.
 High risk0.
Age group 0.023
 18-25 (reference)0.001.00
 36-450.530.191.70 0.004
 46-550.430.181.54 0.015
 56-650.620.181.85 0.000
 >650.440.201.56 0.029
 Female (reference)0.001.00
Employment 0.014
 Employed (reference)0.001.00
 Not in employment− 0.014
Language spoken0.210
 English only (reference)0.001.00
 Another language−
Years of education0.
Area of residence0.217
 Metropolitan (reference)0.001.00
AQoL utility score0.480.221.62 0.026
Days out of role0.
Professional help-seeking intentions0.060.031.06 0.026
  • AQoL, Assessment of Quality of Life.

    Bold values indicate P<0.05.