Table 2 Interaction effects between time (pre/post) and intervention condition (feedback/control) from linear and binary mixed effects models for the total sample and subgroupsa
Total sample
 Professional service use0.60.547
 AQoL utility score3.01, 959.80.082
 Days out of role0.31, 1080.70.571
 Help-seeking intentions1.51, 1107.20.227
 Depression score (PHQ-9)0.11, 915.80.724
 Social anxiety score (SOPHS)0.21, 922.70.684
Version 1 (depression)
 Professional service use1.10.287
 AQoL utility score1.51, 657.70.224
 Days out of role0.11, 726.00.823
 Help-seeking intentions0.31, 770.90.591
 Depression score (PHQ-9)0.61, 649.80.431
 Among low risk: PHQ-9 score0.11, 378.80.713
 Among at risk: PHQ-9 score1.81, 169.10.187
 Among high risk: PHQ-9 score0.11, 69.40.810
Version 2 (social anxiety)
 Professional service use2.1 0.038
 AQoL utility score1.61, 300.10.205
 Days out of role0.11, 342.80.720
 Help-seeking intentions6.01, 326.70.015
 Social anxiety score (SOPHS)0.71, 297.90.389
 Among low risk: SOPHS score0.51, 185.30.491
 Among at risk: SOPHS score0.41, 61.50.544
 Among high risk: SOPHS score4.01, 38.00.051
Low risk participants*
 Professional service use1.5 0.134
 AQoL utility score0.11, 588.90.727
 Days out of role0.51, 672.90.460
 Help-seeking intentions4.41, 681.6 0.036
At risk participants*
 Professional service use 1.1 0.276
 AQoL utility score2.91, 253.70.092
 Days out of role0.51, 261.80.462
 Help-seeking intentions0.71, 279.00.399
High risk participants*
 Professional service use1.5 0.123
 AQoL utility score2.71, 113.70.102
 Days out of role0.51, 130.10.498
 Help-seeking intentions0.81, 127.30.380
  • AQoL, assessment of quality of life; PHQ, Patient Health Questionnaire; SOPHS, Social Phobia Screener.

  • a models are adjusted for main effects of time and condition, except for models marked *, which are adjusted for version, time and condition and all 2/3-way interactions between these variables.

  • b F-tests are based on time × condition interaction terms from linear mixed models; z-tests are based on time × condition interaction terms from binary mixed models.Italic values indicate Z-test. bold values indicate P<0.05.