Table 1 Summary of clozapine trials and recorded measures
Clozapine trialStart dateTime until neutropeniaDaily clozapine doseClozapine level (mg/dL)Neutrophil nadirTime to recoveryOther medications
1July 201117 weeks300 mg0.17a0.41b19 days (spontaneous)Quetiapine
2Feb 20126 weeksNot availableNot available0.5320 days (spontaneous)Lithium Olanzapine
3Sep 201218 weeks400 mgNot available0.401 day (GCS-F) (and clozapine trial continued for a further 7 months)Topiramate
4Oct 2014Not available550 mg0.35Not availableNot availableLithium
  • GCS-F, granulocyte colony stimulating factor.

  • a Clozapine level: 0.17 mg/dL is equivalent to 170 ng/mL.

  • b Neutrophil nadir: 0.41×109/L is equivalent to 410/mm3 (cells).