Table 5 Summary of studies presenting data on the outcome domain of patient and carer experience (cohort studies)
Study and settingDesignNOutcome sub-domainMeasure/indicator
Fish & Lobley68 CommunityCohort study (4)
Follow-up: 1 year
  • Quality of life

  • QoLS: change from pre- to post-move

Long et al69
Low secure
Female only
Cohort study (4)
Follow-up: 3 months
  • Milieu

  • Satisfaction

  • EssenCES change from pre to post move

  • In-patient satisfaction questionnaire: change from pre to post move

[unpublished thesis]
Medium secure
Retrospective cohort study (4)
Follow-up: 4 years
  • Quality of life

  • QoLS scores during treatment

[unpublished report]
High secure
Cohort study (4)
Follow-up: up to 2 years
  • Quality of life

  • Satisfaction

  • PWI scores: change from pre to post move

  • Service specific evaluation questionnaire using a visual Likert scale via interview: change from pre to post move

  • QoLS, Quality of Life Scale; EssenCES, Essen Climate Evaluation Scale; PWI, Personal Wellbeing Index.