Table 6 Summary of studies presenting data on the outcome domain of patient and carer experience (cross-sectional studies)
Study and settingDesignNOutcome sub-domainMeasure/indicator
Langdon et al70
Medium and low secure
  • Milieu

  • CIES read aloud to patients, scores during treatment

Mansell et al61
Medium and low secure
6-month period
  • Service satisfaction/complaints

  • Involvement

  • Number of patient generated complaints per unit over 6-month period, recorded via standardised survey

  • Number of patients with an up-to-date and accessible copy of their own care plan and number of visitors for each patient per unit

Steptoe et al71
  • Quality of life

  • SOS and LEC scores during treatment

Willetts et al (2014)72
Medium and low secure
  • Milieu

  • EssenCES scores during treatment

  • CIES, Correctional Institutions Environment Scale; SOS, Significant Others Scale; LEC, Life experience checklist.