Table 1 Sociodemographic and clinical characteristics of ultra-high risk, first-episode psychosis and healthy control groups
UHR (n=24)First episode psychosis (n=16)Healthy controls (n=13)P
Age, years: mean (s.d.)25.17 (4.82)24.47 (3.70)26.54 (5.21)ns
WRAT IQ, mean (s.d.)103.3 (11.8)98.67 (14.79)115.62 (5.19)0.001
Years of education, mean (s.d.)13.0 (2.75)13.40 (1.84)18.38 (4.17)>0.001
Male, n (%)15 (62.5)13 (81.3)8 (61.5)ns
Ethnicity, n
 Mixed race411
Medication, mg/day CPZ eqv.: mean (s.d.)140 (42.4)150 (83.7)ns
GAF baseline, mean (s.d.)59.3 (14.5)
GAF follow-up, mean (s.d.)63.9 (16.9)
Transition to psychosis, n (%)
 Yes8 (33.3)
 No16 (66.7)
  • UHR, ultra-high risk; IQ, intelligence quotient; GAF, Global Assessment of Functioning; CPZ eqv., chlorpromazine equivalent; WRAT, Wide Range Achievement Test; ns, non-significant.