Table 1 Diagnoses at date of case identification
ICD-10 codeDiagnosisn
F20Schizophrenia or paranoid schizophrenia23
F28/F29Other or unspecified nonorganic psychotic disorders8
F99Mental disorder, not otherwise specified7
F32Depressive episode6
F00Dementia in Alzheimer’s disease4
F23Acute and transient psychotic disorders4
F31Bipolar affective disorder4
F22Delusional disorder3
F25Schizoaffective disorders3
Z71.1Person with feared complaint in whom no diagnosis is made2
F05.0Delirium not superimposed on dementia, so described1
F11.1Mental and behavioural disorders because of use of opioids; opioid abuse1
F19.8Mental and behavioural disorders because of multiple-drug use and use of other psychoactive substances: Other mental and behavioural disorders1
F41.1Generalised anxiety disorder1
F43.1Post-traumatic stress disorder1
No diagnosis15