Table 3 Results of ordinal regression for the outcome variable perceived safety at work (n=191)
MeasuresProportional odds ratio (95% CI)P
Staffing and space0.65 (0.48–0.89)0.007
WSS score5.28 (2.65–10.51)<0.001
PVCM score1.85 (1.14–3.01)0.013
Recorded number of verbal incidences0.98 (0.97–1)0.014
Recorded number of property incidents0.90 (0.83–0.98)0.019
Brightness inside the ward with lights ona1.53 (1.09–2.15)0.014
View from the ward (Base=Concrete/Built up)
 View from the ward=Mixed0.33 (0.12–0.95)0.04
 View from the ward=Greenery0.25 (0.08–0.77)0.016
  • a Standardised. Link function: Logit. The pseudo R2 value of Cox and Snell = 0.409. Test of parallel lines P>0.05; therefore, the proportional odds assumption was not violated.